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Do you want to change your outlook? Are you looking for an adventure or need to fall in love with medicine again? Would you like to travel the world? For many Medical Professionals, answering the call to travel abroad for work goes well beyond medicine. It’s the dream of adventure and travel. It’s the dream of taking your family along for the joyride. It's the dream of working a little less or working a little after retirement. It's a dream we here at Medics Abroad can make a reality for you.


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If you need medical staff. We have all grades. We are the single best resource for medical facilities looking for temporary or permanent coverage. We vet every medic to ensure you work with only those who have the understanding to match your facility's needsand the needs of the patients you serve. We handle the legwork and logistics. We save you time and money. We specialize in medical staffing so you don't have to.


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Healthcare professionals are in short supply around the world, and that includes Doctor's, Nurse's, Physiotherapist's, ODP's, Paramedic's, Off Shore Medic's, EMT's, Tier 1 and Tier 2 Medic's

As a Medic have you ever wanted to travel and see the world? Are you looking for something else out of your Medical career? If answer is yes, you might want to consider a job in a foreign country. Healthcare professionals are in short supply around the world, and that includes Doctor's, Nurse's, Physiotherapist's, ODP's, Paramedic's, Off Shore Medic's, EMT's, Tier 1 and Tier 2 Medic's. All you need to get started is a passport and sense of adventure. Working as a Medic Abroad or overseas medic for Medics Abroad can be an adventure second to none.

The kind of working conditions and job descriptions are as plentiful, and there are many avenues one can take to jobs outside the UK. They range from short stints, to multi-year contracts with governments or private companies. But probably the biggest market for Medical professionals is in the Middle East; the Arabian gulf to be exact. Oil rich nations like Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, along with the numerous petroleum companies doing business there; have been bringing in westerners for decades to fill skilled labour positions.

The majority of the positions are with private hospitals or with ambulance services operated by private hospitals. A great number of these hospitals are staffed primarily by western doctors and nurses, and the work consists mainly of inter-facility transports, along with the occasional emergency. Many petroleum corporations hire medics to work at their refining facilities there also. In this case, the work is primarily in a clinic setting, wherein the medics function as primary care providers. Very often these companies will provide medics with some type of advanced-scope-of- practice education, and this training can be helpful for medics looking to work on oil rigs and in other remote settings.


Speaking of remote settings, how about the middle of a war zone? The British military, along with many companies working for them, will employ medics (such as Doctor's, Nurse's, Physiotherapist's, ODP's, Paramedic's, Off Shore Medic's, EMT's, Tier 1 and Tier 2 Medic's) to work in conflict zones around the world. Make no mistake, this is dangerous work, and the risks are high. But, as usual, the greater the risk, the greater the reward. £££££££


Contrary to popular belief, however, the entire Middle East is not a war zone. Just as conventional society in the UK has little to do with the dramatic headlines on the news there, day-to-day life in the Middle East has little to do with guns, bombs and other elements of terror. Safety is a subjective issue, but for the majority of westerners living there, the Middle East is as safe as home.


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  • Matt (Monday, July 13 15 03:23 am BST)

    Hi Justine

    Thank you for your comment and question. I wish I could say yes it is that simple.

    Medics Abroad & myself would not recommend you giving up you current position until you were offered a posting.

    Once you have completed the registration we then need to check on some things: job history, qualifications, references, etc then we will either invite you for interview or do a telephone/skype interview. If this is successful we will add you to our talent pool, and once a suitable deployment becomes available and you are happy to travel a job offer is made in writing. Only then would it be advisable to put notice in with your current employer.

    I hope this clears up your doubts. It is not a hoax and we do not charge for registration and never charge you a fee of any description. We only make money once you are placed either on a direct posting working for ourselves or a posting where you are employed by another company with us working as an agent for recruitment purposes.


    Medics Abroad Ltd

  • Justine (Monday, July 13 15 02:02 am BST)

    So is this the real thing? You register online and submit all your qualifications and you get a job? I would hate to leave my current job and this be a hoax. Let me know please.

  • Lisa (Monday, May 26 14 10:43 am BST)

    I worked for the NHS for 14 years and became very despondent with the way staff were being treated. So I registered with Medics Abroad and got my first deployment, a gamble I know giving up a full time job. I have just finished my deployment and earnt more in three months than I used to get for a full year with the NHS!!!  This is a dream come true as Medics Abroad have asked if I will go back in two months. So now I have 8 weeks off so going on holiday. I really am ‘Living the Dream!’

  • billy (Thursday, April 10 14 09:43 pm BST)

    Just got back from 12 weeks in Australia working as a remote mine medic! I have a top tan, and for the first time in a long while have a good amount of cash in the bank, thanks Medics Abroad. Going back in 12 weeks & I can't wait.

  • Sarah (Sunday, February 16 14 10:30 am GMT)

    I registered with these guys and then had a phone chat with Matt (Really nice guy) 11 days later I am packing my bags ready for a new adventure starting on Monday! I am so excited! A good few of my ex-colleagues have now registered with Medics Abroad. Bye bye floods hello sunshine :-)

  • Jonathan (Monday, February 03 14 07:40 pm GMT)

    Still here having loads of fun in the sun! This is the best job ever! :-)

  • Johnathan (Sunday, January 19 14 08:17 pm GMT)

    Hi day 2 on location. Accommodation is fantastic, food so far is cool not like the weather which is hot, hot, hot!! Everything has run so smoothly and been put in place by Medics Abroad ready for my arrival. I don’t think I have stopped smiling since I got here! 

  • Medics Abroad (Friday, January 17 14 03:57 pm GMT)

    Another 2 medics safely on their flights and en-route to location. Have fun guys and don't come back too brown! :-)

  • Martin (Thursday, January 16 14 06:05 am GMT)

    I have just got back from my first deployment on a research vessel off the cost of South America. What an experience. I am off again in 4 weeks. Thanks MA you are fab, No more NHS for me lol!!!

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Doctors Jobs, Nursing Jobs, Paramedic Jobs, EMT Jobs, Medic Jobs, Physiotherapist Jobs, Placements, abroad
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